Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Recap #2: Funniest Comment

As you know, I'm kind of a smart--- and joker!  I love humor and the blogs that are consistently funny.  There are so many of you that write with quick wit and crack me up.  One of my fav's is Char at My Life's A Marathon.  She lives in Australia or Austria or some place weird, and always uses terms that my apparently sub-par Missouri education did not learn me.  (In fact I'm posting this on Friday morning at about 5AM, which means it's like August or something where she's at)  In an October post about a race in Melbourne,  (oh okay - it's Austria)  she wrote the following about the starting line ...

"The hooter went off and so did we."

I left the following comment on her blog ...

"I always love reading your posts because besides being a great runner, you use terms that I don't know ... what's a hooter?"

To which she later responded on my blog ...

"In answer to your question about the hooters.  We have a very strange tradition at some of the major marathons where a very busty young woman stands on a cherry picker.  When it's time for the race to start she sings the national anthem and lifts up her top - the hooters go off! You can imagine the mayhem at the start line.  But it's all in the name of fun.

And for the real answer - the hooter is a klaxon horn."

That's why I love this gal ... she's much funnier than me!  Of course, that could probably be said of most of you.  Have a great 2012!
... be great today!


  1. I like the first answer better except is would be plural.

  2. Char cracks me up ALL THE TIME!

  3. OK, I think I need to start reading her blog! :) I like wit.

  4. I read Char but don't remember that. You may have picked up faster on the hooters comment but that is hysterical!

  5. I will be reading her from now on but I will have to say that I can't get a refund for the airline tickets I just purchased to Australia and Austria for the marathon I registered for as well....shit I can't get refunds for that either.

    There better be a chick with hooters in a cherry picker now.

    They always say read the fine print before signing and I just didn't do that this time and now I could be out thousands.

  6. Sub-par Missouri education???? There's nothing sub-par about Missouri!

  7. Thanks for the star billing, Jim. Nice to know that I make others laugh - besides myself - cause when I randomly burst out laughing people look at me weird.

  8. Australians are the best (no offense to Austrians!). Love Char and her blog.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. ha ha that is hilarious I must start reading her blog.

  10. One more vote for Char and her blog. And then there are cupcakes she makes, the prettiest things you will ever see.

  11. I train with Char here in Oz. She is great at running, telling stories and of course those wonderful cupcakes!! On my very first run with Char nearly 2 years ago I managed to tell her all about the operation I had just 4 days earlier - she is also a wonderful listener!


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