Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 Recap #3: UNDEFEATED Old Guy!!! (sorta)

2011 Recap: Part 3
I ran several non-marathon races this year, but only targeted four of them for PR's or "going all out".  The rest I ran with family, friends, or just for fun.  In every one of these races where I "raced", I was fortunate enough (or lucky enough) to win my age group!  Child please ... that's four first place medals for the old guy ... even if it was luck!!!

Now, were these huge races ... no!  Were there really, really fast people in my age group ... apparently not!  And were these merely first place medals in the "old-man" division, and not over all ... yes!  But this is all beside the point!  It was still a great year of shorter races for me, and one that I am proud of.

I've learned not to make races about competing with other people, but rather just competing with myself.  Unless you're world class or something, what's really the point of targeting someone to beat in a race. There's most likely always gonna be someone faster than you out there! And like Michael always tells me "You can't control who's at the race, you can only run your best!"  She also always says, "Zebras is just a horse with stripes!"  But that's a whole different thing I won't get into right now.

All Non-Marathon Races ... 1st Place 40-44 AG
  6/4 ... Kansas City Hospital Hill 10K - Kansas City, Missouri ... 45:32, 7:19/pace (1st Place 40-44AG, 26th/1,406 Overall)
6/10 ... Lees Summit Night Flight 5K - Lees Summit, Missouri ... 20:06, 6:29/pace (1st Place 40-44AG, 13th/830 Overall)
8/28 ... Kansas City Royals 5K - Kansas City, Missouri ... 19:09, 6:11/pace (1st Place 40-44AG, 13th/1,479 Overall)
9/24 ... Cerner 15K ... Kansas City, Kansas ... 1:04:14, 6:54/pace (1st Place 40-44AG, 36th/975 Overall)

I felt like I ran pretty well in most of them except for the 10K at Hospital Hill.  That's the first time I've ever ran a 10K and it's not a great "PR Time".  Hopefully I can whittle a little off of that next year.  Best wishes in 2012 and happy running!!!
... be great today!


  1. looks like a great year of races for you!!!!!
    may you and your family have a very merry christmas and happy new year full of happiness and PR's!!!

  2. That's a pretty big stage you are on up there. That had to be pretty cool....go ahead and brag that it was....

  3. As I like to say......age groups rock!

  4. WOOT! You had nothing but a spectacular year! Congratulation, sir....cannot WAIT to see what exciting things 2012 brings you! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  5. You won those medals cause you're damned fast! Congratulations.


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