Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 Recap #4: "I've Been Everywhere Man ..."

Well, I haven't exactly been "everywhere", but I probably did more travelling in 2011 than any other year.  I travel throughout the Midwest with my job, and many of my training runs throughout the week are on the road. This past year, I had the opportunity to run in 12 different States and 26 different cities.

My favorite new cities were Boston, MA and Austin, TX.  My least favorite was Garden City, KS.  (I saw neither a city or any gardens ... just a lot of tumbleweeds, dust, and cow sh--)  The furthest I traveled for a race was Missoula, MT which took me about 22 hours to drive.

Hope you have safe travels and a wonderful 2012!!!
... be great today!

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  1. Boston and Austin are two of my favorite cities as well. I was just talking about this with Karen yesterday as a matter of fact.

    Wait until you visit NYC then that will be #1.


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