Saturday, June 16, 2012

23 HOT-HOT-HOT Miles

Today's Workout ...
                  Course:  Lakewood Out & Back w/Hills at The Jack, Lees Summit, MO
                     Miles:  23            
            Total Time:  3:06:17
              Avg Pace:  8:06
                  Avg HR:  160
               Workout:   Long Run

     Elevation Gain:   839 ft
 Calories Burned:   3,203
                     Temp:  80 Degrees, Humidity 79%, Wind 6SW
 Miles This Week:  75

Pretty good run today considering the conditions ... 80 degrees at the start, 84 at the end with 79% humidity throughout. Welcome to Missouri Summer mornings!!!  Although it was a little toasty for running, it was beautiful and I enjoyed it from start to finish.  Well, "enjoyed it" might be a little strong.  The whole time I'm out there struggling to breath, I know its making me stronger for Fall races, so I actually love the humidity workouts (after they're over).

Great week with 16 total hours of workouts/runs, double workouts on 3 different days, and double runs twice.  Finished the week with 75 miles which felt great!  After a light recovery run tomorrow of 6-8, I'll try to hit it hard again next week with probably 75 again.  Hope your running's going well!
... be great today!   


  1. Wow, great run. I thought I was "all that" running my 8.3 miles in the heat and humidity. Instead of thinking I might die, I need to change my thoughts to "this is making me a stronger runner."

  2. The heat and humidity kills my runs. I watched my teammates do a 10 miler in a humid 85 degrees yesterday while I lounged in the grass under a big tree eating potato chips. They looked fantastic when they left...not so much when they returned. I still would have traded the chips and shade for an agonizingly hot run if I could, though :D

  3. 75 miles! Nice job! I am looking forward to starting some double run days. Do you have any tips for what helps? I was thinking some kind of speed work at the track in the morning followed by mileage in the evening.

  4. Ben - recovery and stretching after the morning run seem to be the key for me. I usually do my hard workout in the morning - whether it's speed or tempo, and then do more of a recovery type run in the afternoon - really just something to flush lactic acid for the next day's workout. Adding the extra mileage to my base seems to build strength, and if I take it slow in the afternoons, it really doesn't seem to wear me down too much.


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