Monday, June 18, 2012

Fair Tempo Run, All Things Considered ...

Today's Workout ...
                  Course:  Summit Fair Out & Back
                     Miles:  12            
            Total Time:  1:30:25
              Avg Pace:  7:30/overall, 6:57/middle 7 tempo miles
                  Avg HR:  162
               Workout:   Tempo Run

     Elevation Gain:   483 ft
 Calories Burned:   1,681
                     Temp:  76 Degrees, Humidity 75%, Wind 12SW

With a busy work schedule this week, I had to modify my workouts and do my tempo work this morning as opposed to Tuesday which I would always prefer.  When I do my tempo work on Tuesdays, it gives me an extra recovery day (Monday) after the weekend runs.  But there was no way I could have tempo'd tomorrow with everything else going on at work.  So even though my legs were a little gassed from the weekend, I got it in.  And for the middle 7 tempo miles, I still averaged 6:57/mile.  Following are the splits ...

1)9:08     2)8:14     3)7:42     4)7:04     5)6:52     6)6:54     7)7:02     8)7:01     9)6:52     10)7:00     11)7:59     12)8:35

This workout was actually a cross between a tempo run and mile repeats because I had to stop the clock for 30 seconds between the last 3 tempo miles (kinda cheating).  But I DID just do 23 miles on Saturday, and 15 more yesterday ... so I was obviously a little spent.  Plus, summer is flat out here!  It was really humid this morning.  So all in all I didn't feel too bad about the workout - just need to manage it without stopping in between those last few miles, which on fresher legs shouldn't be a problem.  Hope you have a great week of running!
... be great today!

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  1. I ran 12 mi today, too. Glad you shared about the "cheat" breaks! I need a break every once in a while on the hot days, too. Great workout!


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