Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Speed Work - 2mile Repeats & 8x300M Sprints

Pretty good Speed Workout at Campbell J. High track this morning at 4:30-6:00am.  I had to start a little earlier than normal due to some early meetings, and admittedly, it was a little tough to get the legs turning over in the pitch black pre-dawn.  Plus, it was only 29 degrees with 60% humidity, but no wind.  But overall, I felt really good about the work.  I felt fluent and smooth, and fairly strong.  Here's what it looked like

2 mile warmup

(2 consecutive miles,  no rest for 8 laps)
mile 1 - 6:27
mile 2 - 6:25

1 minute rest

(2nd set of 2 consecutive miles, no rest for 8 laps)
mile 1 - 6:22
mile 2 - 6:18

3 minute rest

(8 x 300M repeats, w/1 minute slow recovery for total of 400M, basically 1 minute fast/1 minute recover)
Lap 1 - 300M @ 5:54/pace
1 minute jogging rest
Lap 2 - 300M @ 5:59/pace
1 minute jogging rest
Lap 3 - 300M @ 5:47/pace
1 minute jogging rest
Lap 4 - 300M @ 5:43/pace
1 minute jogging rest
Lap 5 - 300M @ 5:45/pace
1 minute jogging rest
Lap 6 - 300M @ 5:49/pace
1 minute jogging rest
Lap 7 - 300M @ 5:35/pace
1 minute jogging rest
Lap 8 - 300M @ 5:28/pace

1 Mile Cool Down

As I sit here writing this, I feel pretty good with nothing tight or sore.  My legs didn't get heavy at all and I felt like I had pretty good energy throughout the run.  But my heart rate was a little higher than I would have liked.  I'll try to get in another light workout this even to get rid of a little lactic acid.  For the most part it was a pretty good run.  Have a great day!
... be great today!


  1. Good combination of longer and shorter intervals. Once I stop being a gimpy bum I need to work in some 2mi repeats: I bet they would have helped my 10k time. I can't sustain speed well. I might try this workout on my own this week since i skipped speedwork yesterday.

  2. Just getting up that early makes you a winner.

  3. Holy Crap man! Tearing it up! Great Work, I look forward to seeing what all of this produces.

  4. There's nothing that makes your spirits lift more than a good solid speed session. Except maybe a PR.

  5. Saweeeeet workout! Definitely a great workout for you Jim.

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