Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Breathing Underwater

I hate it when I take the time to cut up a small piece of steak and feed it to my dog, Jack, for a little owner/pet bonding over the enjoyment of tasty charred beef ... and he just gobbles it down whole without even tasting it ... just like its a common scrap of bread.  Thankless hound.  Take time to stop and smell the roses fella!

Whatup Colonel Sanders! ... Jack with a white beard after ripping the stuffing from that hamster
"Breathing Underwater" is a song by the alternative group Metric.  It's on my iPod.  It's not one of my favorites but sometimes I'm in the mood.   Today it describes perfectly the conditions here in good ol' KCMO during the summer ... HUMIDITY.  You won't understand it, or even believe me if you're not from here or haven't lived here.  But Kansas City, Missouri averages some of the highest yearly humidity in the nation.  I'm talking deep-South humid.  Florida-humid.  Amazonia-humid.  Yep, you wouldn't know it otherwise, but this place can be miserable in the summer.  I've had a lot of friends who grew up in Atlanta, or Mississippi, or Florida and they all say Missouri is as bad or worse than those places.  I have no idea why, but running early in the morning is like taking swimming lessons, or a bath, or being Baptized ... basically anything where you're totally submerged in water.  A dunking stand.  A washing machine.

Anyway, despite the 95% humidity this morning, it really hasn't began to warm up yet - only 66 degrees today.  But we will soon have a string of 85 degree/95% humidity mornings at 4-5am.  So this morning I took advantage of the conditions and got in a quick workout.  I've been covering our warehouse for our warehouse manager this week and getting up at 3:30am, but overall it was a pretty solid run even though I was up waaaaaay before the rooster crowed.

2 mile warm up
3 mile tempo run at 6:23/6:21/6:23
1/2 mile recovery
2 mile tempo run at 6:26/6:23
1-1/2 mile cool down
9-1/2 miles total

I have the 10K/5K thing in about 10 days and right now I'm a little overweight, but feel fairly fast.  The workout this morning really wasn't too bad and I felt like there was a lot left in the tank.  Anyway, if you need something to cheer you up, just think of me on a forklift this week.  Pretty funny I know.  See Michael, I can do "manly things"!  Have a great week.
... be great today!


  1. My sister-in-law's family lives in Missouri. She was married on the Missouri River in the SUMMERTIME. Ever since that visit, I call Missouri, "Misery." No offense. Your state is absolutely gorgeous. But yikes, it is like breathing under water. :)

  2. Living just outside St. Louis I can relate. It's easy to sweat a couple of pounds just running 5k.

  3. I've heard about your legendary humidity and I feel for ya!

  4. Are you starving your dog. Poor thing - having to resort to the stuffing of a toy. I hope it didn't block him up.

  5. I'm luck as Johannesburg has great weather. Our eastern coast is the hot and humid mecca of South Africa during summer and they have very mild winters. JHB winters can get very cold.

  6. I think it would be fun to drive a forklift for awhile.
    I would die in that humidity, we mostly have dry heat here, which I think it bad enough. We went to Corpus Cristi in July once. I was not impressed.


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