Sunday, June 23, 2013

This Weekend

Here's a quick recap of Saturday and Sunday, Q&A with myself ...

     Miles I ran this weekend ... 21

     Movie I saw this weekend ... World War Z (zommmmmbie!!!!)

     Best thing I did this weekend ... didn't argue with Michael ... at all

     Worst thing I did this weekend ... Downloaded "22" by Taylor Swift on my iPod - ha, I'm not joking

     Yards I mowed this weekend ... ZERO!!! My lawnmower's in the shop

     Dollars spent at the grocery store this weekend ... $110

     Most relaxing thing I did this weekend ... started a 1000 piece puzzle with Michael

     Most stressful thing I did this weekend ... listened to three  hippies - two bra-less with hairy armpits and another with hair &
     beard to the middle of his back and chest - drone on and on in line at the movie about their amazingly enlightened world

     Walks with  my dog this weekend ... 4

     Trips to our neighborhood pool this weekend (begrudgingly, but it wasn't that bad) ... 2

     Pounds I lost from sweating while running in humidity ... about 83

     Loads of laundry washed this weekend ... 3

     Weirdest thing on my blog this weekend ... Apparently someone called "Cute big butt teen photos" is my newest blog
     follower.  I promise I'm not into cute butt teens.  30 years ago, sure!  I have no idea how to block this stupid spam as a
     follower or I obviously would.

     Best thing I ate all weekend ... grilled chicken with quinoa, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and red peppers

Typical summer weekend ... no big whoop ... have a great week!
... be great today!


  1. "Cute big butt teen photos"... LOL

    From your blog dashboard, click on "followers", click on "Cute big butt teen photos" and there should be an option to "block this user".

  2. I'd be stressed in that movie line too. I have a lot of Taylor Swift on my Ipod and got called out for it but I don't care. I exercised hard yesterday and was a total couch potato today.
    Best and worst thing I read this weekend: Big Brother by Lionel Shriver.

  3. "Cute big butt teen photos" is my username.

  4. Nice weekend and I enjoyed this format of recap. I might "steel" it! I love doing puzzles like that with my wife, very relaxing.

  5. Sounds like a pretty good weekend, did Michael know you downloaded Taylor Swift?

  6. I love Taylor Swift, even tho I'm 37.

  7. How'd you like the movie? We went and saw it to and I was actually quite surprised at how scary/intense it was.

  8. 83 pounds lost from running? Wow! I obviously need to do more of that!

  9. Maybe Cute big butt teen photos wants to become Cute little butt teen photos and is wanting running advice from your blog.

  10. Red ... we thought WWZ was good, but not great. Better than a lot of zombie movies I've seen, but I don't think it's a classic or anything.


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