Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Me ... 2, Des Moines ... 0

Pouring rain at 4:45am on Tuesday in Des Moines, IA
Scoreboard Des Moines ... I own you!  Why am I talking trash to seemingly mild-mannered fine Midwestern city?  Here's why ...

Two years ago I ran a marathon in Kansas City on Saturday, and then the next day, ran another in Des Moines on Sunday.  Was it tough?  Yes.  Did Des Moines try everything in it's power to stop me?  Yes.  But did I kick it's butt that day and walk away with back-to-back marathon medals?  YES!!!

Fast forward to this morning.  I hadn't ran in downtown DSM since my "triumphant" finish at the marathon.  So this morning, I rolled out of bed at 4:00am for a 4:30am 15 mile marathon pace run through the streets of my ol' friend.  Problem ... it was pouring.  I mean pouring.  So I had a decision to make ... do I wuss out and let DSM get the best of me, or do I man up and do the run anyway?  If you've followed for a while, hopefully you know how this ends.   I RAN THE FRIGGIN' RUN!!!

Was it tough? Yes - probably the toughest run I've had this year.  Did I think about shortening it or not doing it at all?  Yes - it crossed my mind.  But did I do it anyway and kick the crap out of that run and once again DOMINATE the streets of Des Moines, Iowa???  Yes!  Yes!  And YES!!!  15 miles at an overall average pace of 7:02 ... including the warm up miles.  So take that Des Moines ... I STILL run this town!!! (well, not hardly - but it did feel really good to get the workout in, even in the bad conditions)
... be great today!


  1. Holy crap, you're fast.

    I have the worst time making myself go run in the rain solo. If it's a run with friends I'd totally go, but alone I'd probably wuss out.

    Nice job!

  2. You're a hard core bad arse. Or is that ass? Certainly sounds like it when I listen to American TV shows.

  3. I generally don't mind running in the rain unless there is lightning. But 15 miles pouring sounds less than fun. But I think I would do it if it was on my schedule - although one heck of a lot slower than you.

  4. Ha, that will show that town something! You are hardcore and dedicated, well done! I usually enjoy rain running but there are always some little voices in my head telling me to wimp out. Luckily I'm no wimp like that.

  5. Kate is right! Holy crap! & carrying around all that extra soggy weight. Hell yeah, you owned that town!

  6. NICE !!! As far as I am concerned -- you can have that town; they're hogging up all the rain. lol

    Very nice run. Hope that next month you trash that race.



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