Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Almost Over The Hump

I've been very fortunate over the years to have never suffered a serious injury from running.  Sure, I've had tight "this & that's", but never something that flat out shut me down for any length of time.  But the Bursitis in my left hip really pushed my limits.  I was seriously considering an extended break to get over it. Fortunately though, I think I'm finally on the backside of the discomfort.  I've ran my last few runs with a little tightness in the area, and minimal soreness afterwards ... but it's getting better everyday.

Blue, Gold, and White balloons at the Royals Opening  day pre-game ceremonies
And even with the tightness and very humid conditions on Tuesday morning (mid 60's and 99% humidity ... I know in some parts these conditions are cause for a winter weather advisory, but I ran in shorts and t-shirt), I had a really good Tempo Run.  One warm up mile, then 8 miles at a 6:35 average pace ...

One mile warm up ... 7:28   6:31   6:25   6:24   6:35   6:33   6:31   6:17   ... two mile cool down

I typically do my Tempo Runs on Thursday, but because of my work schedule this week, I had to move it to Tuesday.  I felt really good about the pace, although it's still a little tougher than it should be right now.  But hopefully with a couple more weeks of solid training, I'll be ready for the Prairie Fire Half Marathon the first weekend in May.

Also, Michael and I got to go the Kansas City Royals Opening Day on Monday.  Most of you know I'm the world's biggest baseball nut, and we're Royals Season Ticket holders.  We had a great time and the Royals CRUSHED the WAAAAAAY overrated White Sox 10-1!!!  No biggie.  Have a great week!
... Be Great Today!


  1. Pretty sure the Royals magically healed your hip.

  2. I think you'd really get on well with my coach. He's obsessed with American baseball too. So much so that he got up at 2am before our speed session on Tuesday to see the opening game. He couldn't watch the Royalsthough because that's when our session was on and without our money he can't pay for the cable connection. Otherwise I'm pretty sure he'd have cancelled.


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