Sunday, December 6, 2015

Active Recovery Work

Active recovery workout on Sunday

Legs were REALLY sore most of Saturday, probably pushed it a little too hard when my left calf was hurting before I even began the run

Sunday's workout ...
  • Light core work with 4 x 25 crunches, 2 x 1:05 planks (front, back, and side), some hip bridges, side bends, and oblique twists
  • 4 mile simulate trail run ... simulated because it was on the side of the road, and not in the woods ... probably more of a "grass run", but never the less, not on the pavement or concrete
  • Light work after the run with 2 x 25 push ups, 2 x 10 dips, banded lateral squat walk, 3 x 12 weighted squats, 4 x 25 donkey kicks, weighted leg curls
  • Walk with Michael & Jack

Other than the very short mileage because I'm trying to get my legs to quit hurting, it was a pretty typical Sunday workout ... except when I'm really going good, I'll probably double the core work and add quite a bit to the post-run work

On my headphones ...
Hear me now here and now I’m calling ... memories wear me out
And this seems too complicated ... when all I want is just the truth
"Here And Now" - Seether

I'm sore in the right places again, and that's a great feeling!
... Be Great Today!

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