Saturday, December 5, 2015

P-E-R-F-E-C-T Progressive Run

Really great run today ... 13 miles total with 12 at Progressive Pace
Great weather ... 40-45 degrees, 10 mph wind, sunny

Planned on a moderately fast Progressive/Long Run (even though only 13 miles right now is considered a "long run"), but felt really pretty crappy when I woke up with this stupid lingering cold, but decided to go for it and get it done and deal with the consequences later

Pace Splits:
8:12   8:00   7:39   7:38   7:26   7:25   7:22   7:17   7:02   6:54   6:46   6:26   (8:55 cool down)

Got a little lucky with miles 3-6 since I only beat the previous  mile by one second in two of them ... but hey, it was progressively faster ... so I win!  Other than that, most of the pace slits went as planned ... really controlled the run a lot better than expected considering my conditioning

I love progressive runs because it makes me focus on almost every second and every step of the run - making sure I come in at the required pace ...  and also it really helps me learn to "feel" the pace, but they're much easier when I'm in better shape.  When I'm out of shape like right now, it's really tough to control the pace, but today went surprisingly well

Legs were really sore after my Dreadmill Tempo run on Thursday as expected ... literally had a noticeable limp on Friday due to  calf ankle pain, so I probably shouldn't have ran as hard as I did ... but a little pain isn't going to stop me ... I'll just run through it (like an idiot)

I'm starting to wheeze as I write this, so I'm sure the moderately cold air didn't do my sick lungs any favors ... but I'll take it easy tomorrow with a slow treadmill recovery run inside, and hopefully keep fighting off this sickness ... it's really starting to get on my nerves

iPod today ...
"White girls go crazy, black girls go crazy, college girls go crazy, this the kinda s---- that make the hood go crazy"
Hood Go Crazy -Tech N9ne
... Be Great Today!


  1. I've got this annoying lingering cold, too. Probably from touching the whole world's snot at work. I was breathing a little better this morning, though, so hoping you turn the corner soon, too.

  2. Nice work out jim. Glad to see you are still ripping out some quality miles. Keep up the good work and look forward to reading the next installment.

  3. Nice run. I've always found those types of run hard to judge. I'll try to go just a bit faster and end up a lot faster way too early with no where pace-wise to go. You judged your run great!


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