Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Feel Like Waking Up

First entry of my workout journal I'll try to be faithful in keeping this winter until my half-marathon in Phoenix at the end of February, read it if you want ... or not, don't care:

Starting to get back into the flow this week even though I've been fighting off this head cold for a month, and now it seems to be moving to my chest

12 miles Sunday, 8 miles Tuesday, 6 miles Wednesday

Thursday ... 8 mile Tempo Run on Iowa City Hampton Inn hooptie Precor treadmill ... felt like running on concrete blocks - no cushion, I'm sure my hips and ankles will feel it later

Good tempo pace, even though for me a treadmill is no real indication of actual fitness level

9:00 warm up ... 7:12, 6:49, 6:32, 6:23, 6:15, 5:58 ... 7:58 cool down
6:31 average pace during 6 miles at tempo

No way I could do this workout outside right now - treadmill's better than nothing, but it just doesn't extrapolate for me (I think I used extrapolate in the proper context)

Light leg workout after the run, 100 non-weighted squats, banded lateral squat walks, and leg curls

Song of the day ... "Footsteps" - Pop Evil ... "I feel like wakin' up, I've had this dream before, I'll take these footsteps, go higher, go higher

Time to get this going again!
... Be Great Today!


  1. A good start to get back on track! I hope that hooptie TM doesn't make your ankles and joints feel like a hooptie as well.( that totally gave me a flash back from 1985. My dad had an old puke green station wagon with the wood trim that my sisters and would call the hooptie mobile.
    Ah. Good times. Good times.
    Anyways. I hope you start feeling better from the chest cold soon. Pretty impressive workout week considering your under the weather.
    Hang in there!!

  2. Rest assured, you did use extrapolate the proper way. Breathe easy.

  3. Extrapolate is a big word! and sounds cool. Great job with your workouts too.


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