Saturday, December 19, 2015

I've Got A Chip

Good run on Saturday

16 easy-paced miles at 8:00/avg on a beautiful crisp sunshiny day in KC ... about 30 degrees with almost no wind ... perfect

Legs feel really strong and conditioning is pretty good especially considering finally coming off of my sickness ... nothing difficult about this run whatsoever

I'm a little "dark" right now ... a little surly ... a little cocky ... a little too sensitive and a little too much of a hair-trigger ... probably not a lot of fun to be around ... & way too competitive ... probably because I feel a little disrespected in a few areas of my life

Most of it's me just being immature & small about a couple of work things ... but the upside to a mood like this is I usually train my butt off and get in really good shape ... and it's beginning to happen through this "Jim being the unpleasant Jim" phase

I use it as energy and think about it when I train ... I tell myself that I KNOW I'm the best at what I do ... that NO ONE can keep the pace .... and I AM THE ONE ... I AM THE FIRE ... I WILL NOT BE STOPPED ... NO ONE ELSE IS IN THIS FREAKING LEAGUE!!!

Of course all of these are just little self-centered mind games I play because I absolutely am not the best and am frequently stopped, lol ... but it provides motivation

Don't get me wrong ... if you meet me, I'll be friendly ... I'm almost always friendly ... but just know I'm simmering, lol

iPod today ... "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" - Lil Wayne
"I'm in my zone, my form is so rare man,
If there's a throne, you're looking at a chairman,
How you want it, show me my opponent .... show me my opponent"

Be the fire.


  1. Don't sorry Jim, we're all simmering underneath. You're not alone. Although I can blame PMS. Not sure what your excuse is.

  2. Keep up the good work jim. With less daylight and the holiday stress it is easy to let our moods get the best of us. With the new year upon us, it might be wise to take stock of your life and make some changes if you can to make yourself happy. Aiways enjoy reading about your training.

  3. I second Char's comment!! (and while guys cant get PMS yall can have hormonal shifts that mimic it-google it,lol!)
    we all have chips,but how we deal with is what matters..
    seems like you got the right idea by turning towards your training to let the aggravations out.
    Just hang in there with everything!

  4. When I simmer I lay around and eat. I need to get your simmer habits! Sounds like your dealing with it in a heathy way!

  5. Ha ha, calm down. Between you and my husband's Star Wars frenzy, this is just far too many emotions from men lately.


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