Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ready To Lock In

Box jumps on my new plyometric box I made this week

Pretty good workouts this weekend ...

-  12 mile Tempo Run with 9 miles@6:45 pace


-  Core workout
-  Light plyometrics with box jumps, lateral
    shuffles, and toe taps
-  5 mile recovery run
-  Light leg workout with hips and glutes

About 9 weeks until the Phoenix Half Marathon and things are progressing fairly well

I've done a decent job so far this winter of maintaining a base, and this week I'll really lock in on nutrition and add a little more to the workouts.  My conditioning is decent right now and I've managed to keep my speed, now I just need to start adding in a little more distance

My heel is starting to hurt, need to watch that

I lost 6 blog followers in one day last week when I referred to a certain redneck in a pickup truck as a slang name for a feline ... starts with a "P" ... rhymes with wussy.   Sorry if I offended anyone with that ... although it kinda made me chuckle ... everybody lighten up a little ... I write a running blog ... I'm not a Saint

iPod Today: "One Hand Killing" - 12 Foot Ninja
"They backed you into the corner, provoked your will,
For them break, you return to them stronger"

Be the fire.


  1. I lost six blog followers when I discovered that they were spammy accounts endlessly posting about their shoe websites.

  2. I lost followers too last week. I just figured I was boring. Sounds like it's a common theme - phew!

  3. sounds like things are falling in place for a good spring season of races!!!!


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