Monday, January 4, 2016

A Little Bit Stronger

More jumping and plyometrics with my homemade box
I'll bet 99% of you who read this blog didn't know that was the title to a country music song by Sara Evans.  Why don't you like country music?  What's wrong with you?  Anyway ... I think it also somewhat accurately describes my fitness journey at the moment.  Because although my left heel basically hurts non-stop, and I'm not exactly thrilled with my running ... I AM getting stronger ... at least in my lower half.  Which also makes me question if the added leg strength is actually slowing me down.  Hmmm, something I'll ponder later.

At any rate, I've been spending a lot of time cross-training with plyo and leg strengthening after runs.  This morning I did about 100 box jumps on the 24" side of the box, probably 150 toe taps, followed by burpies, and speed skaters ... and some other plyometric exercises my friend, Melissa, gave me last year.  Yesterday was a light leg day, but tomorrow is heavy again.  I decided at the end of last year to really overload my bottom half and get as strong as possible to find out if there was any speed correlation.  So far I'm not sure because I'm still about 10 pounds over race weight.  But every time I run my legs feel lifeless and dead ... so it's still a work in progress. 
I'll be a lot more detailed in future posts about what I'm actually doing, but for now it's really new ground as far as adding this much strength over the winter.  I mean, I've been strong before ... like with high school and college athletics ... but I mean strong for an old man.  We'll see I guess!

Be the fire.


  1. Thanks for the shout out!!!
    I am so envious of your box jumps!!
    And I can promise that a stronger runner is a faster runner(It may feel like the strength is slowing you down but you have to keep up with your stretching routine - add PNF stretches to the mix if you arent already doing so now).Keep it up! hope your heel feels better ASAP!

  2. You're feeling slower because of the extra weight and the hard strength workouts. I'm not surprised that your legs feel dead when you're running. But all this hard work will definitely pay off once you taper for a race. You'll be stronger and faster than ever. PS - I hate country music but I still think we can be friends.


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