Saturday, January 2, 2016

Freezing Cold 18 Miles

Pretty good, but not great 18 mile run on Saturday

It was only about 25 degrees, and Dummy wore shorts and froze his butt off the entire run

My left heel is sore off and on ... specifically related to calf tightness

I can't build any speed on the road right now, and certainly can't sustain it

Today's splits...
8:05, 7:50, 7:25, 7:30, 7:25, 7:17, 7:09, 7:24, 7:05, 6:47, 6:46, 6:40, 6:50, 6:42, 6:29, 8:30, 8:43, 8:33

The splits a lot better on paper than they were because I stopped fairly frequently during the second half of the run

The positive side of the run is that these paces on a warmer day will be a little faster ... but I just can't go very far at these speeds right now

Still got in 18 miles though

Be the fire.


  1. Eh, my last 18 miler was 8:09 pace. But it was 80+ degrees :) That was tough, too!
    I stop during my long runs, too - how much depends on how hot it is (line for the water fountain). It's not for a long time, usually, so I never found that it created much of an impact. Now, breaks of several minutes might, but water/shoe tying/clean your sunglasses: I don't think it matters much. Seems like you are in great shape to me!

  2. Shorts? Not even I wear shorts in winter and our winters aren't that cold. Long tights. Preferably really bright. Maybe with flowers on them. That's what you should be wearing.

  3. Looks like a fairly strong workout to me. Watch out for the heel pain. With tight calves that could be the start of plantar fasciitis. That is a chronic injury that can really derail your training.

    As far as shorts go -- 25F is about my limit. It all depends upon what the wind is doing. Doubling up on the underwear can also make a huge difference, especially for guys. Looking at your attire, I probably would've added a windbreaker, gone with the shorts and added heavier gloves.

    Dying to know what your race schedule looks like this year...

  4. and here I am complaining about a 3 mile run!!! Nice job!


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