Thursday, May 12, 2016

Three Straight Days = Solid Week

Thursday morning run through the mural'ed allies of Iowa City
I've had a solid week so far, and to this point, my legs feel great.  I put together three straight days, and will hopefully get a good long run in on Saturday.  If I get the run in, it will my first 5-day running week since I got sick.  5 days is a typical week for me.

Today I had a light 5 mile run in Iowa City, one of my favorite places, and my legs feel great!  I feel like I'm slowly getting back to form, although my endurance is really lacking, which is to be expected

The diet is still not great, and the extra weight I'm carrying is simply  making running a chore right now.  But hopefully I'll do a little better with that next week, and start eating like an athlete and not a glutton.

I've intentionally started really really slow on the road back.  Partly because I'm out of shape and my body is demanding it, but also because I don't want to start off with an injury.  The runs are shorter and slower at this point, but that's okay.  All in all, things are definitely headed in the right direction.  Hope your training is going well!

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