Saturday, October 8, 2016

I'm All The Way Up

I'm not very hip to the cool sayings and songs from the younger crowd ... I'm a grandfather of 4.5 grandchildren for goodness sake ... but after my run on Saturday, I'm here to say ... NOTHING CAN STOP ME, I'M ALL THE WAY UP!!!!!

I killed 18 miles, pretty much faster than at any other point this year.  Here are the splits:

8:11, 7:44, 7:29, 7:29, 7:21, 7:40, 7:23, 7:19, 7:02, 7:20, 7:13, 7:27, 7:42, 7:10, 7:17, 6:53, 6:54, 7:00

I think at this point I've got almost all my speed back, and I'm feeling really strong.  The run Saturday capped a 63 mile week, and knock on wood, I'm really healthy with no issues.

I've been running a lot of double runs with 10-12 miles before work, and then 3-4 in the evening.  Getting in another light recovery run really seems to be building strength, and keeping me loose and free from injury.

I've also been doing leg strengthening workouts a couple of days every week, and stairs on Sundays.  The core work still leaves a little to be desired, but other than that, everything is pretty much back on track and I'm hitting on all cylinders.

Good luck to everyone running races tomorrow ... enjoy your day!


  1. You're killing your training at the moment Jim. I'm a bit out of the loop - what's the goal race?

  2. Not sure yet Char ... we've got about three in mind, but it's going to depend on schedule ... I'm just trying get myself ready for the months of Nov-Dec

  3. Hello Jim - I've returned to training this year, and blog land. I'm happy to see you are still at it. I basically took 3 years off other than 1-3 runs per wk of 1-4 miles. I averaged 9 miles per wk last year, ha. I enjoyed the break, but now I'm super excited to be back at it. Looks like you are heading for great things in Nov-Dec. Good Luck !


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