Saturday, December 18, 2010

20 Miles ... Killed It!

            Course:  Legacy Park, Dickinson 16, Downtown LS
                Miles:  20.2            
                Time:  2:35:58
         Mile/Split:  7:43/mile
               Temp:  25 Degrees, Wind 5SW
          Calories:  2418
  Total Ascent:  1798 ft
            Avg HR:  158 bpm
Miles this week:  67

Very encouraging run.  With all of the knee problems lately, I really didn't know how I would handle 20 miles for the first time in a while.  It went REALLY well and my knee didn't hurt for even one step of the run.  I felt like I could have ran a marathon today.

I started really slow and after the first 5 miles averaged about 7:35, for an overall average of 7:43 - which is my second fastest 20 mile training run to date.  (I have ran 20 faster in races)  Legs didn't feel as strong as I would like - a little tight, but I have missed quite a bit of time in the gym lately and my quad work has been limited to almost nothing.

Took a 15 minute ice bath after the run - which I hate at the time, but it seems to really to pay off later with how great my legs feel.  I'll take it easy today and probably run 6-8 tomorrow as recovery.

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