Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hooray Sunny Sunday, Boo 19 Degrees!

         Course:  LSN HS Out & Back 
             Miles:  11            
             Time:  1:23:26
      Mile/Split:  7:35/mile
            Temp:  19 Degrees, 8mph wind
        Calories:  1308
Total Ascent:  860 ft
          Avg HR:  160 bpm

A little chilly at the start, but warmed up pretty quickly.  Knee was a little tight, but no pain.  After mile 5 or so it was fine.  Only planned on running about 6 as a recovery from yesterday's 20, but really felt great with a lot of energy so I kept going.  Even though it was only 19 degrees this morning, it seemed colder yesterday with the 20+ mph winds ... that sucked!  No run tomorrow, recovery for rest of week.  Great start today though.

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