Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Idea What Just Happened

One of the most discouraging and confusing runs I've ever had.  After feeling great about my pain-free 11 miles on Sunday, and a day off yesterday - I tried to run 12 miles this afternoon.  Got 4.5 miles in and had to stop because my knee was killing me.  Since this inflammation began about a month ago, this is the worst it has hurt and maybe more painful than any running issue I've ever had.  It felt great this morning and all day yesterday without any anti-inflammatory meds, just ice.  And then out of nowhere today its freaking killing me. That's what I don't understand - I thought the inflammation was pretty much gone.

After doing a little reading on the matter this afternoon, the intense pain may have been because we rode 4 hours in the car on the way home from Branson today, and then I immediately started my run.  There are quite a few online articles that indicate sitting for prolonged periods in a car with a bent knee can cause the pain.  I didn't have pain before the run, but maybe the long ride was the reason. For tonight, I will keep it elevated and straight as much as possible.  I'll also ice, use ibuprofen, and try it again in the morning???

This sucks - I just want to pain free again.

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