Sunday, January 2, 2011


About the title of this blog - sorry about the profane nature, but my wife, Michael, told me a funny story from her work the other day.  We both try to be "fitness nuts" and eat as healthy as possible, but around the holidays we of course stray off-course.  At her work cafeteria on Thursday after lunch, she wanted something chocolaty.  So she bought a King Sized package of M&M's.  When the lady at the counter rang them up, the limited character cash register display read, "1 KING SIZED ASS"!  HA, PRICELESS! 
I'm sure it was abbreviated for "1 King Sized Assortment", or something - but apparently someone in the inventory department thought this was humurous.  Michael laughed and was like, "Really - I take a break from eating right for 10 minutes and this is what I get".  Too funny!
No worries baby!  I couldn't care less if you ever grow "1 King Sized Ass" ... it's your "KING SIZED HEART" that I'm in love with!   Everyone together now ... AWWWWWE! (Just trying to be a little more loving in the new year!)  Be great today!


  1. Aw-w-ww! That is so sweet, and the M & M's - hilarious!!! I'll remember that next time I might want to indulge.
    I've got a great guy who could care less too, really, other than for my health.
    Oh, and we were in Xel-Ha, not Xcaret.

  2. That is funny! Great goals for 2011! You will be busy!

  3. Hi Jim, I like your blog too. In six months of blogging, you are the first "40 something" guy I've met who has BQ'd. My friend Mark Ulrich did at . Of course there are lots of women. Hmmmmmh. Did I hear that Fargo Marathon is a good (fast one?). I may need a BQ "Plan B". Rhetorical question I guess.

  4. ooops, Mark U BQ at 50 years old.

  5. That is hilarious. I just laughed so hard that I am out of breath. Just great.

  6. Nice M&M story. I noticed you will be running Austin in Feb. I will be traveling there to run it too.


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