Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Workout ... I See Tread-People

            Course:  Legacy Park Treadmill & Track
                Miles:  11            
                Time:  1:28:45
        Avg Pace:  8:04/mile
         Workout:   Recovery Run
               Temp:  18 Degrees, Wind 16NW
          Calories:  1296
  Total Ascent:  0 ft
            Avg HR:  143 bpm
Miles this week:  33

Man do I wanna get outside.  Another day of treadmill/track combo run at my gym.  I would like to use the track more, but it's pretty small and turning in the same direction for an hour & half makes my ankles and knees sore the next day.  Plus there's more 60+ walkers than on the set of "Cocoon".  I spend of most of time trying to be as courteous as I can while weaving in and out.

Nothing real eventful from today's run.  Simple slow and smooth recovery run.  Felt a little energy depleted after yesterday's workout, but nothing major.  I wasn't seeing stars or anything.  Really happy that my heart rate didn't get above 145.  Probably would have been below 140, but I ran the last mile at 6:55 pace which elevated the average a little.

Hopefully I'll get a full body workout in later today.  I want to focus on heavy legs and finish with swim for cross train.


  1. love the headline! i am totally stealing that!! I see Tread People!


  2. "The set of Cocoon!" That is funny! I am with you. I can't stand running around a track. I lose my mind but ironically, I can run on a treadmill forever, go figure!

  3. Haha! Great Post Jim. I couldn't agree more. Hoping to be outside tomorrow.

  4. If it makes you feel any better I have only been at gym for the past week. I'm doing "speed work" on the eliptical. 6 x 1 mile in HR Zone 4. It's crazy. I'm not a big sweater, but this makes me drip buckets. Thurs is back on the road. Friday is more contortion by the PT.

    BTW, you are out of the running for my Manly prize giveway as you didn't seem to appreciate those fantastic prizes :-)


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