Sunday, January 16, 2011

Workout ... Meet "THE JACK"

            Course:  Jacomo Out & Back
                Miles:  10            
                Time:  1:19:53
       Avg Pace:  7:59/mile
         Workout:   Recovery Run
               Temp:  13 Degrees, Wind 5NE
          Calories:  1169
  Total Ascent:  1138 ft
            Avg HR:  147 bpm
Miles this week:  10

Recovery Run Face - Holla Playa!
Pretty good recovery run this morning.  A little chilly, but that's getting redundant this time of year.  Kept my pace pretty slow and controlled, but mixed in a few more hills than normal for a recovery run. 

Which brings up "The Jack"!  Not my ultra-cool, studly, and probably best Chocolate Lab ever, Jack ... but rather, the quad-crushing, VO2max killing, training hills that cup Lake Jacomo on both sides.  (just so we're on the same page ... ya know, "JAC"omo ... "The Jack").  Probably nothing for a lot of runners, but The Jack kicks my butt!

Steep side of "The Jack"
The Jack is a set of hills on either side of the lake.  They are tough (for me at least) in different ways.  I try to mix them into most of my runs.  Also, it's typically where I do hill repeats. 

The steeper, and probably tougher of the two is a 153ft climb over a little over 1/2 mile.  I know that's not the steepest incline in the world, but when I'm running, it seems like a staircase!  It's a fairly short hill, but I'm winded when I'm at the top.

More reasonable side of The Jack
The more reasonable, gradual side of The Jack is a 161ft incline over a mile & 1/2.  It doesn't seem as cruel to my legs as its steeper brother, but it gives me a workout too.  (By the way, this is where I worry most about a MOUNTAIN LION ATTACK ... stupid mountain lion will try to get me when I'm exhausted from these hills!)

I ran both sides of The Jack today, but did them pretty smooth and slow.  I will probably hit them for hill repeats on Wednesday, but we'll see.  Best wishes with your workout!
Be Great Today!


  1. Great pics! I'm running hill repeats on Wed too. Let's do it!

  2. Puh-leaze, that looks like a bunny hill. You should call that run, "The Thumper".

  3. Come to Colorado and I will show you some great hills to climb! You could do the incline! ;)

  4. Ha - I'll stay with my "bunnies" in MO, CO "hills" would break my legs!!!

  5. hi, new follower. I found your blog through Jeff's. So inspiring! I can't wait to read more :)

  6. How nice that you can throw some hills into your runs whenever you want to. Where I live it's so flat (how flat is it??) that my best option is a freeway overpass. Booo.

  7. When I saw the photos of the hills, I wasn't thinking about the steepness or length of them, I was thinking about the lack of a shoulder on the road - maybe south of the river people drive better, but in the Northland, I'd almost be guaranteed to have to dive into the ditch a few times to avoid vehicles.


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