Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kovas v. Chris K ... 35 y/o, Ask A Doctor???

On Wednesday I bought a new Ab Wheel from Dick's Sporting Goods.
( _ _ _Coy insert joke here _ _ _ ) 
It works pretty well, but what concerned me were the instructions that came with the wheel!
Notice the "ESPECIALLY TRUE IF YOU ARE OVER THE AGE OF 35"???  Can you imagine that doctor's appointment? (for this illustration we'll imagine I was ACTUALLY at the doctor's office) 

Me: "Hi doc ... I just bought a new wheel, but I'm 42 ... can I still use it?"
Doctor:  "Well studies show that wheels have been known to cause limb detachment & fatality, so I would say no!"
Me: "Yeah, but I run all the time and I'm in decent shape."
Doctor: "I know, but it's a circle on a stick ... you're literally playing with fire man.  I'm gonna suggest you try something a little more mild like a triangle or something ... that'll be $30 please!"

I think I'll take my chances with it ... wish  me luck!
So here I am today, just lookin' over the comments on my last post ... and all of the sudden, I discover I'm the venue for Kovas v. Chris K part Deux!  (Caroline, that's French for "two" right?) I am so honored!  Here's how it went ...
"The" Kovas
Kovas: There's a new school of thought that maybe fat-loading before an endurance event might work, with some minimal carbo-loading just before the event to top off the tank. In either case, the pasta dinner should be eaten at least two nights before, from what I've read.

Chris K: I am the King of Bonking and have played around with this alot. Obviously, this works for you. I "carbo load" way more than you do. I start earlier, eat less protein bars, and generally more carbs. Not good, bad, right, or wrong, just what I have to do to stave off my bonk.

Okay, do you take requests from Dudes or just cute and funny women like Coy? I am requesting your formula for nutrition during your race

Chris K (again immediately after): As for Kovas, don't listen to him. (Uht-oh, now you've done it!)

Kovas: If you want old-school thinking, take advice from a guy in a toga.

Chris K: New fangled trendy fads usually have staying power. Kovas is probably right.
My Photo
Super BQ'er Chris K
Now I've gotta say these two dudes are maybe my two favorite reads.  Kovas is brilliant ... one of the brightest minds in the blog world.  And Chris K is one of the most hilarious guys I've read. Many of you remember their back-and-forth exchange last January - CLASSIC!  So here's to hoping this is the next chapter in their outwitting each other.  Feel free to use this as a stage fellas ... the floor is yours!
... be great today! (but if you start trading verbal punches, be greatly funny!)


  1. In a battle of wits with me Kovas is, unfortunately, unarmed. Your blog comment board was just another venue for our continual bantering. You should have seen us on Twitter today.

    I did notice that my picture is about 30% larger than Kovas'. I win.

  2. $30 for a doctor's visit. Man that's cheap! Try $70 and your first-born child.

  3. lol. I have a wheel as well. Well I got it out of the box but never saw the over 35 recommendations!

  4. the ab-wheel will not disappoint.... it's a fave of mine :-)

  5. That's a pretty big wheel you got there in that box! That's what Dicks Sporting Goods said.

    Chris K is on Santa's bad list for chastising me over almonds covered in dark chocolate. That's a snack that his beloved Celine Dion could get behind :)

  6. Do you know how awesome it is being married to someone who constantly makes me laugh? You are hilarious honey! Love you!

  7. I've used one of those wheels at my gym a few times, and had no idea I had exceeded the age at which I'm still considered competent to be operating this complex mechanical device. I can only imagine the sensation I'm feeling now is not unlike the bone-rattling relief one feels when the trigger pull produces no firing in a heated game of Russian roulette. I'm forever changed by this near-death experience.

    It would appear Kovas fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous is "Never get involved in a land war in Asia." But only slightly less well known is this: "Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!" And finally - "never match wits against a Californian in a toga". Ok - maybe that last one wasn't in the movie, but it holds true nonetheless.

  8. A+ on the French mon ami Jim!
    as for Kovas and Chris you should see the emails I got from them this morning...good stuff. made my day start with a laugh that is always a + in my book!
    just to give you an idea, after commenting on my post yesterday (going Bananas) Kovas suggested that Chris should bring me coffee at 4 am before my race....we went from that to Chris babysitting my boys during my half marathon in his Toga of course!!!

  9. Yeah, you should have seen them on twitter! :) I love my ab wheel!

  10. Chris' picture is bigger because, as you know, objects in rear view mirror may appear larger than they are. He must be pretty far back there.

    Of course, this comment will go in one ear and out the other, or so he claims, but I agree, there is nothing stopping it in betweeen.

  11. Oh no, I cant use the wheel either, I just turned 35 recently

  12. I tried the ab wheel...once.
    It was super hard! I'm glad to know they've put an age limit on it and now I have an excuse not to try it again ;-)

  13. hmmm, whats my not 35...nor have i been inactive for an extended period of time. maybe my IQ is just not high enough or my hand/ab coordination is off.

    you are so lucky....a classic kovas v. chris k battle....on YOUR blog. you have arrived sir!

  14. I think you missed the part that said, "if you have been inactive for an extended (I'm guessing period of time)."
    Your workouts probably qualify you for the "active" category at the minimum. Use that ab wheel to your heart's desire!

  15. lol, love the Kovas vs Chris K word battles =)

  16. Love my wheel, but never saw the 35 year old thing as the instructions went in the trash. I do have to say I prefer a swiss ball doing a move called praying mantis OR the jack knife, check those out, they will tear you up. Oh, and good luck this weekend! Posted about your run today on my blog :)

  17. How random... 35 and inactive. But if you are 36 and active, have at it. Or 34 and inactive. :)

  18. OMGosh
    thank goodness


    And seriously kovas and his green puffer vs. Mr K in his toga.

    these guys are one of a [35+] freaking kind.


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