Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting A Knack For Back-To-Back

Okay, briefly ... Michael tells me I'm guilty of "personal shout-out's" waaaaaay to often on my blog! Probably true ... both accidentally and sometimes by design.  But today's intentional PERSONAL FRIGGIN' SHOUTOUT goes again to ummmmmmm ... ME!!!


What am I crowing about (once again) you ask ... my last two runs, I answer!  20 miles on Saturday ... 18 miles on Sunday... my longest back-to-backs yet!  And even though they were 8:43 and 8:54 paces respectively, and I had to walk several times ... I FRIGGIN' GOT THROUGH THEM!!!  (I mean, cut me a little slack - I DID just run a marathon 7 days ago)  But it's all just of part of the plan for back-to-back marathons in a month ... hope I'll be ready.

I know 20 & 18 in less than 24 hours aren't a big deal for a lot of runners, but it's a big deal for where I'm at in my training process.  And as I'm stretching out my long back-to-back runs, the single thing I'm finding most difficult is having enough nutrition and energy two days in a row.  My legs usually feel a little tired the second day ... but nothing unexpected.  Usually once I get losened up a little, they're okay.  But what I've struggled with the most is simply getting enough food back in my system after the first run in order to feel like I have enough energy to complete the second run ... so any helpful tips or advice would be appreciated!!!

I suppose all of the challenges with back-to-back long runs are expected.  They're all new to me, but I love the learning process ... and the figuring out how to "make this thing work" part.  Can I get through two marathons in two days??? I dunno!!!  I would think so ... I mean millions of people have done it.  But so far, this is going to be one of the biggest challenges of my endurance life.  We'll see!!!  Y'all know I won't give up!
... be great today!


  1. What's a blog for if not personal shout outs?

    Considering 18-20 miles is more then I ususally get in a week...doing it on consecutive days sounds AMAZING! You deserve the shout out!

  2. Shout it from the mountain tops brother. Not many people can do what you are doing period and you are doing after 40. That is flat out awesome.

    For food.....smoothies. They are easy to go down, get right into your system and provide you the calories and nutrients you need.

    Let me know if you need a recipe.

  3. Wow, that is just awesome! I think you should be shouting this from the moutaintops. YAY!

  4. I think that one does deserve a personal shout out - way to go you!

  5. I am a believer in back to back long runs. They are fantastic for marathon and ultra training. As long as you do it only for distance and not worry about time they make you very strong. Way to go!

  6. I once ran 18 miles one day, then I limped around the next day. I wonder if I could limp 20 miles?

  7. Outstanding work!!!! Awesome you need'um cape.

  8. Nothing wrong with a little personal shout out! Great job on the runs! That is a long way to go in two days!

  9. 2 marathons in 2 days? For you I'm thinking a big YES! Nice work!

  10. Nice job! I do not have any experience running back to back LR's but I have done several relay races where I run 3-4 times in one day and nutrition and fueling seem to usually be my problem as well.

    I would definitely suggest high protein and bread. Lots of bread. Turkey sandwiches always seem to hit the spot for me. I also really like the Cliff protein bites.

  11. Keep up the good work! You will kick a$$ at the Marathons!

    I have no problem with people giving themselves shout outs. If you have accomplished something you are proud of, shout away!!

  12. Wow that is mental. How are your legs still attached to your body? Way to go, Jim!! You seriously do RAWK!

  13. Shout for ourselves is good therapy. Congrats on those 2 runs. You rocked them.

  14. That's be a big deal for me so I agree - pat yourself on the back and brag about it a little.

  15. are you kidding?
    yes IT IS A BIG DEAL

    and lets remind Jason..over 40 is not that old...thank you...

    back to back: you will be great..I know it.

  16. Eek. I can't even fathom two runs like that so close together. My pace would make me cry!
    I tried to run a 10PM 10 mile followed the next day by a 6AM 13 mile.... and it STUNK. Not pretty. Yours is worth crowing about. :)

    So October has a BIG weekend for you!

  17. Good runs - I am always afraid of an injury when I do too much. glad to see that if your body tells you to walk for a little bit - you listen. Otherwise, an injury will set you back weeks or months.

    I had to do back to back long runs when I was training for the Goofy challenge. Saturday is the LR for the Half marathon, then Sunday is the LR for the Marathon.

    Try to follow that schedule for 16 weeks - The Goofy medal is the one that I am most proud of.


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