Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Michael DQ'd Me???

The following is an 100% EXACT account of events & conversations that took place between my lovely wife Michael of Slowly Tri-Ing, and me over the past few days ...
Nice Michael ... with the ALWAYS NICE Jim!

Saturday ...
Michael - "Hey hunka-hunka burning man, what do  you think about running the MO COWBELL Half-Marathon in St. Louis with me in a few weeks?  We might even try to get Coy Martinez of First in Philly to run it with us!"

Jim - "Gee honey cakes, that sounds swell!  That's a really funny name for a race and the t-shirt looks cool, so just let me check my calendar and I'll let you know fo sho!"

Michael - "Perfect Sweet-ums, because I really wouldn't want to run this race without you by my side ... and furthermore do anything in life without you!"

Jim - "Awwwwwe, that's what all the people in my life have always said!"
Monday ...
Jim - (ring-ring, ring-ring) "Hey there Pumpkin-britches!  Listen, count me in for the MO COWB..."
Mean Michael! (Do you own any other ear rings?)

Michael - "Don't Pumpkin-britches me ... I'm running MO COWBELL with Coy!"

Jim - "Oh cool, that'll be fun to meet Coy and run a race with you gals!"

Michael - "Did you hear me? You're NOT INVITED ... it's a girls weekend!  No boys!  Don't ask me again!  Men suck!!!"

Jim - "But I thought it would be cool to meet Coy?  But I thought it would be fun to have a shirt that said MO COWBELL?  But ..."

Michael - "Bu-bu-bu-bu ... are you gonna cry about it??? I said NOOOOOOO!!!! You're uninvited! Not going! Not wanted! It's a girl's weekend!  Get it penis owner???"

Jim - (Thinking to myself) "... you're the one who's umm ... uninvited!!!"

Michael - "I heard that!!!"

So, as you can tell, I was quite unceremoniously disqualified from the MO COWBELL Half-Marathon before it even started!  If you don't read Coy's blog ... YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT!!!  Friggin' hilarious!!! (Michael's blog is pretty good too I guess) It would have been really cool to meet her & her husband, and chat about the Blue Grass State, horses, and Dick's Sporting Goods ... but I guess I'll just stay at home and rearrange furniture or something.  Have fun on your GURLS weekend! Sideways frowny face!
... be great today!


  1. I have a tri on 10-2, why dont you come to Ohio, I will switch the reg to a 70.3, we can do a relay and you can do the run leg and I will swim and bike, we can have our own guys weekend, the girls are ONLY running, we can do more manly things, like swim, bike, run

  2. Of course I can send an email and make it a very manly blogger weekend

  3. well, i guess there is such a thing as too much cowbell after all. I am sure she will bring you back a nice tshirt :)

  4. You two are awesome. Crack me up because i know Michael will have a blog response in an hour or so.

    We need to live closer together to hang out and do manly things like burp and well you eat the meat and I'll eat the celery.

  5. Did you blur out her real eyebrows to make mean ones? oh man, you crack me up!

  6. Hmmm...my version of the story seems to be generating more comments than yours. That's because people enjoy hearing the truth. And yes, I do own other earnings :)

  7. ha ha funny and BDD comments are cracking me up.

  8. Frig.
    you guys are so funny. Everyone needs more cowbell in their life.

  9. Michael and I are strong in numbers, two against one. You, you, you....penis owner!!

  10. I've got a fever! And the only prescription is more cowbell. As a male I've got your back, no matter how different her version may be.

  11. honey cakes....AND Swell in the same sentence.... have you been lying about being 42 and really you are 72?!!! SWELL!

    I am off to go read the other side of this story....

  12. You definitely missed out on a great race. Next year!


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